5 Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

1. Portion control: Portion sizes in restaurants tend to be much larger than what we would typically eat at home so it can be easy to overeat without realizing it. Before ordering an entrée or appetizer, consider splitting it with someone else or taking half of the dish home for leftovers. If you do decide to order a full portion, try not to finish everything on your plate – save some for later!

2. Choose wisely: Instead of loading up on fried foods, opt for grilled or roasted options that contain less fat and fewer calories e.g., salmon instead of fried shrimp. Many restaurants now offer healthier menu items like salads with light dressings as well as vegetarian and vegan options that are nutrient-dense yet low in calories and saturated fats like beans and legumes.

3 Dress it up: Ask if you can substitute healthier side dishes such as steamed vegetables instead of French fries or mashed potatoes; switch out regular mayo for Greek yogurt-based dressings; and go light on sauces by asking them to serve them on the side so you can control how much you use or don’t use.

4 Don’t forget about drinks: When dining out, remember that alcoholic drinks often contain added sugar which will increase your calorie intake unnecessarily; stick with water or sparkling water instead if possible! If drinking alcohol is a must then opt for lighter beers or white wines which usually have lower alcohol content than darker beers/wines/spirits and therefore fewer calories per glass.

5 Skip the dessert: Indulging in something sweet after dinner is always tempting but many desserts found at restaurants are packed with added sugars and unhealthy fats – not exactly ideal if you’re trying to stay healthy when eating out! Instead, why not choose something slightly more nutritious such as fresh fruit salad? It’s still satisfyingly sweet but contains far fewer calories than traditional desserts!

Following these simple tips will help ensure that even when dining away from home you’re making smart decisions about what goes into your body keeping both your waistline AND taste buds happy!